There has been no shortage of palace intrigue at the world’s largest luxury company. Soon after backing Phoebe Philo’s new venture, LVMH said this week it was acquiring a majority stake in the entity through which Virgil Abloh owns Off-White’s intellectual property.

Farfetch-owned New Guards Group, which founded Off-White with the polymathic creative director in 2014, will continue to operate the hot-but-cooling haute streetwear brand through a licensing agreement, though Abloh said the deal would bring “additional firepower and scale to accelerate our momentum and evolve Off-White into a truly multi-line luxury brand.”

For LVMH, however, the alliance is likely less about Off-White and more about solidifying its link to Abloh, a rare creative talent whose contract as men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton has an expiry date and who has surely been approached by competitors in Europe and the US.

Abloh is highly unique at LVMH and in the

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Meghan markle’s wedding may have been a royal one, but she prepared for it just like any other bride: People are loving meghan markle’s minimal wedding makeup.

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In recent years, a set of young new urban clothing designers has emerged, creating edgy “urban” clothing, but not necessarily hip-hop clothing which is often connected with the word “urban”. Hiya everyone! blog-va Tonight I have more Cosmopolitan gifts to share from their group Advent tree, since they are available for a few more days when the current round ends on the 9th. I always enjoy my visits there, and it is fun to have Advent gifts still available in January all at once 🙂 I still recommend derendering the tree itself (try right clicking on the star or where you are sure there is not a stocking) to reveal all the clickable stockings. There are a few … Read the rest

Fashion is always a microcosm of culture—economically, politically, and otherwise. At any moment in time, what’s in fashion speaks to overarching societal trends.

For many, the pandemic heightened the public’s sense of appreciation for basic clothing and wardrobe essentials that put utility and comfort above all. For many, sporting hyper fashion-forward accessories or shopping the latest It bag seemed somewhat out of sync with the state of the world.

Now, while the world is in different states of reopening depending on where you reside, prioritizing utilitarian wardrobe-essentials remains a throughline. We’ve understood the value in fashion staples and why forget what we’ve learned?

Fundamental pieces that previously hid at the bottom of closets, like white button-downs and blazers, are no longer afterthoughts dug up occasionally to anchor a bold outfit. As we refocus our wardrobes to meet the current times, basic pieces that both maximize comfort and keep us looking

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Temperatures are still skyrocketing, but before we know it, the blazing heat will swiftly transform into a cool breeze, and cute outfits for fall will become top of mind. This season’s looks are arguably the best, especially since the transitional weather gives us an opportunity to play with unexpected layers and rich, textured fabrics.

Once the weather drops, there’s no need to completely forget about your summer faves; follow the latest wave of street style stars and pair those crop tops with leather trousers and style those mini skirts with longline blazers. You could even savor a few more days with your sandals, if you have a great pair of jeans and a crochet knit top in your closet.

Find out exactly how to put together a few cute outfits for fall below. Plus, get a head start on shopping for transitional pieces, too.

Photographed by Dan Roberts

The Back

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Mushrooms are being transformed into sustainable luxury materials

The fashion and sportswear brands on a mission to create a greener future with fungi, from Stella McCartney to Lululemon

Mushrooms are currently enjoying a cultural renaissance beyond the kitchen. Psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic ‘shrooms’, is being touted for use in the treatment of anxiety and depression, while Japanese snow fungus and fungi-derived kojic acid are believed to encourage a dewy, blemish-free complexion. Meanwhile, in science labs across the globe, start-ups are cultivating fungal innovations not only for the wellness and beauty industries, but for the fashion and sportswear sectors, too.

Mycelium, the thread-like root structures of fungi, has the ability to be transformed into sheets of biomaterial, remarkably similar in composition to durable, strong and softly patinated leather, piquing the interest of the fashion world. A kilogram of leather requires 17,000 litres of water to produce, farming livestock makes

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Maker Base Fashion Discount Codes are commonly accepted throughout the merchant business, however often they can be specific to one or a chain of shops.

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According to the fashion shows of 2011 spring and summer, we can predict the new trend of handbags in the coming 2011 in a way or another. One thing that makes bohemian style popular is that it does not care much on the types of dress you are on everyday. Plus it will express your personality and makes you comfortable on your daily routine outfit. With the boho style, you can assure yourself of any anxieties of showing off your skin. And through this, your creativity will be expressed. As for you, you do not have to think of what might others say of your fashion, do as much possible your styles and try this for a change. Awesome spring twist hairstyles … Read the rest

Breathable, lightweight fabrics are key to surviving the dog days of summer, and the best linen dresses provide the perfect wardrobe relief. Whether you’re planning to dine alfresco this summer, travel to tropical beach locales, or simply on the hunt for stylish options to wear to work—summery linen dresses are essential. Gucci offers a sweet midi-length floral embroidered caftan, while The Great makes a bohemian belted version—both are equally ideal for an upcoming getaway. If you’re staying put and searching for comfortable options to wear to the office during hot and humid summer days, linen shirt dresses are a must. They still provide a tailored silhouette but in a soft, airy fabric. We love this minimalist version from Max Mara’s Leisure line or this shirred-shouldered style by Vince. For dressier occasions on your summer calendar, Asceno’s vibrant canary yellow halter neck dress or Agua by Agua Bendita’s tiered linen

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We may still be basking in the sweltering summer heat, but the fashion editor inside of me is already thinking forward to the exciting fall season ahead, specifically to the trends and outfit combinations I should be planning now that will carry me through the upcoming months in utmost style.

One of the easiest ways to transition into the new season is with a great pair of jeans—preferably a classic pair of blue denim. Seeing as summer is really the only time when our jeans go on hiatus, so you can bet that we’ll be ready to break out our favorite pairs as soon as the weather starts to dip below 70. If, like us, you could use some fresh inspiration to fuel your fall outfits, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, take a look at the below 11 blue jean outfits that are fresh for the upcoming

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© 2020 tüm hakları saklıdır. Read it here. Stacey dooley has revealed she still hasn’t picked up her mbe from buckingham palace two years after receiving the honour.

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You may have not noticed, but a lot of the celebrity kids today are wearing kid’s clothing pieces that adhere to the Japanese street fashion style. It is an American brand for the wide range of products such as lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow, nail, mascara, best makeup foundation and much more. With the make-up of this brand, it makes you feel like an adventurous girl with glamorous looks. Following the rapid spread of streetwear popularity in the United States, young people from other countries immediately became interested in this new style of clothing as well, especially the youth of Japan. Because of this, Japanese clothing manufacturers began designing their own versions of streetwear, coming up with … Read the rest

It’s part of a rising trend of Y2K fashion and what has been called “nowstalgia” among Gen Z, who are reliving early 2000s fashion trends they were too young to experience or remember the first time around.

“I think there’s like this resurgence of what was so cool in the 2000s … now that it’s coming back, it’s like you want to infuse it with today’s pop culture,” said Lisa Sahakian, CEO and founder of Ian Charms.

It’s not just beaded necklaces coming back into style. Iconic fashion trends of the early 2000s like bucket hats, low-rise jeans, and babydoll T-shirts are all having a resurgence among younger consumers. This vintage renaissance has also led to an explosion in thrifting among Gen Z, and a rise in sites that sell thrifted clothing like Depop and Poshmark.

The frenzy over thrifted clothing is starting to manifest in brick-and mortar stores, and

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