Intrigued by tarot? “Tarot is an extremely helpful introspective tool for those who are open to exploring themselves and the energies that they’re working with,” says Canadian clarity coach Chris Corsini. We spoke to Corsini to understand how can tarot cards can help us take on 2021 with purpose and intention. (For an astrologer’s take on the year ahead, read this.)

What are the benefits of tarot?

Tarot assists with “shadow work,” essentially, examining the parts of ourselves we don’t like or were taught not to like because of societal, religious or cultural norms. “Once you start exploring tarot,” says Corsini, “you can begin to question those things. You start asking yourself: do I believe this? Is this something I still stand by?”

Note: Tarot is not fortune telling, nor is it astrology. Rather, it’s more of a confirmation of what you are already feeling, which can help people … Read the rest

I remember when Kim Kardashian‘s Skims launched a collection of seamless face masks. I thought they looked kind of like seamless shapewear; very much in line with the brand, but I wasn’t sure if I’d want to wear it on my face. My style of face masks is bold and bright. I like them sparkly and themed for the holidays or luxe when I want to treat myself. As a person who loves mixing bold prints and patterns, I often throw caution to the wind when it comes to matching my masks. However, writing roundups of the great deals at Banana Republic and its variety of masks, I kept coming back to the brand’s True Hues Masks. I loved the display of the shades and the variety, even the name – “True Hues” versus the noninclusive “nude” wording; rarely do I find the color nude being applicable to … Read the rest

Quali solo i colori di tendenza della primavera estate 2021? E come li indosseremo per essere alla moda? Ve lo spieghiamo qui con i nostri consigli di stile

Ogni sei mesi la palette cromatica cambia, sfumature più o meno accese, pennellate naturali ed entusiasmanti punte fluo appaiono per dare carattere alle mise stagionali. Abbiamo parlato di un ritorno del minimalismo, tra il bianco e il nero, ma anche della voglia di felicità e gioia che pienamente trova manifesto con i colori più brillanti. Anche il mix & match dei tessuti, così come dei colori, ha il suo significato: si sperimenta per trovare nuovi abbinamenti cromatici.

Infine i codici Pantone, Giallo Illuminating e Ultimate Gray: il primo è la luce della speranza, risplende con vivacità, è il bagliore della genialità che illumina il futuro; il secondo esprime la resistenza naturale, quella roccia salda e affidabile cui vale la

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In a new photo dump on her eponymous website, Beyoncé has shared never-before-seen images of her three kids, Blue Ivy Carter, who turns 9 years old on January 7, and twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, 3.

Titled “B at 38,” the photos look back over Bey’s 38th year, which included: a romantic dinner on the beach for two (not pictured: Jay Z), playing in the sand with her kids and a birthday cake covered in icing bees.

The photos follow a video compilation released on New Year’s Eve, which you can view here, that included 2020 highlights we already knew about, like her multi-year Peloton partnership and releasing Black is King on Disney+.

“Cheers to a New Year Beehive!! 2020 divided us and united us. Most could not see loved ones and we felt too many loses, but we were united by our humanity,” Knowles-Carter captioned the video. “This year … Read the rest

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For centuries, we’ve accepted the belief that creativity is connected with the burden of an unsound mind. Countless members of the fashion world have burned out, fallen from grace and, in the most tragic of cases, taken their own lives because the way the industry has often functioned – quickly, unscrupulously – has left little room for some of the most admirable talents to find peace during the creative process, let alone while they’re enduring the taxing aspects of entrepreneurship and, now, a global pandemic.

But thanks to the dismantling of discomfort around discussing mental health issues, it’s becoming less taboo to talk about the troubles experienced in one’s personal and professional lives. To inspire your own pursuit of calm and clarity, five creatives share how they’re managing, coping with and nurturing their mental health.

Adam Taubenfligel

Adam Taubenfligel

Transcendental Meditation (TM) – a mantra-centric practice done 20 minutes a … Read the rest

TikTok user and UCLA student Shay Rose created a pink social-distancing dress made of tulle that is, in fact, six-feet wide on each side. The 12-foot project took two months, and was done from home while quarantining in Southern California. Even though Shay has many design creations to be proud of, all of which you can see via video on her account, this gown makes a statement about our society and forces us to consider how far six-feet apart actually is. At the same time, it also speaks to our desire for fantasy and whimsical dresses during this time of unrest – perhaps even to the future of fashion. Shay spoke to POPSUGAR about her project, explaining that she had the idea for a social-distancing dress in the back of her mind since the summer. “What if there was a dress that made a social-distancing bubble all around you?” … Read the rest

The Stand di Stephen King: sul set con Nat Wolff

Il re dell’horror, Stephen King, torna in TV. Il romanzo The Stand diventa infatti un racconto a puntate in arrivo dal 3 gennaio su Starzplay (disponibile su Amazon Prime Video, Apple Tv, Rakuten e Vodafone Tv). Un inizio d’anno da brividi per questa storia post-apocalittica che racconta la vita sulla Terra all’indomani di una pandemia che ne ha quasi sterminato del tutto la popolazione. Nessun riferimento all’attualità: “L’ombra dello scorpione” (questa la traduzione italiana del titolo) ha oltre 40 anni, ma la contemporaneità della paura instillata nella vicenda rivive ancora oggi.

The Stand

Whoopi Goldberg ion The Stand

James Minchin

La trama

Il mondo è polarizzato tra Bene e Male, due fazioni che si danno strenua battaglia: da un lato c’è madre Abagail (Whoopi Goldberg), dall’altro l’Uomo Oscuro, Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgard), che

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As someone who has been acting since the age of 12, it’s no wonder that Hailee Steinfeld relates deeply to poet Emily Dickinson who, though from a different era, was also someone who came into her own as an artist from a young age.

The 24-year-old actress (and former FASHION cover star) recalls being “very intrigued” after reading the first two episodes of Dickinson, an Apple TV+ show that debuted last year. When one hears “it’s a show about 19th century poet Emily Dickinson,” that may conjure up a somewhat stuffy picture that’s vastly at odds with the exuberant, eclectic show that it turned out to be. (Just a couple of its absurdities: modern slang and hip-hop music in a period setting, and rapper Wiz Khalifa as Death.)

“I remember reading it and loving it and being very intrigued,” says Steinfeld over the phone. “Alena Smith [the creator … Read the rest

Sylvie’s Love costume designer Phoenix Mellow has what she calls a “bible of resources” when it comes to sourcing vintage – and that’s a very good thing, because the period film is set in the 1950s and early 1960s. Mellow, who’s also behind Black Panther and worked on Stranger Things and Mad Men, describes herself as obsessed with vintage clothing and shopping, calling up vendors from all over the country for projects. She worked closely with Tessa Thompson on Amazon Prime’s Sylvie’s Love, which tells an old-fashioned love story of a young woman (Sylvie, played by Thompson) who meets saxophone player Robert (Nnamdi Asomugha) in New York. Thompson, who also stars in Creed and Thor: Ragnarok, has an incredible style history of her own, boldly pushing boundaries with her red carpet fashion.

Mellow called dressing Thompson a “collaboration.” “She has her own sense of style … Read the rest