We’ve said it once, twice and we’ll keep on reiterating it: Styling curls and achieving ample definition truly begins once you step into the shower – not when you get out. This is why being picky about the selecting the right shampoo and conditioner that work in tandem to leave you with a head full of healthy, bouncy strands is one of the most important things you can do for your hair routine, no matter your curl type.

For years, it has been well documented and understood that curly and straight hair are essentially polar opposites in terms of the shape of the hair follicle (the biggest determinant on whether hair strands grow round or straight from the scalp). It’s these structural differences that cause curls and coils to naturally be much drier, coarser and not as resistant — aka a recipe for being more prone to breakage — … Read the rest

Like many people, I’ve spent a lot of time at home over the past few months. The weather has turned sharply cold and I’ve been on the search for comfy clothing that lets me lounge comfortably at home with my kids during their virtual school sessions and run quick grocery errands without having to change my outfit.

After searching online and lurking reviews, I came across PRETTYGARDEN’s Solid Two Piece Sweatsuit ($19-34) and I’ve never felt more excited to jump out of bed every morning. The set comes with a long-sleeved crew neck and sweatpants that are practically the perfect blend between “don’t bother me, I’m on a care-free vacation” and “yeah, I know I have good fashion taste.”

The two-piece set is super soft and cozy, making it ideal for lounging comfortably at home with a cup of hot chocolate. I simply want to snuggle with the nearest person … Read the rest

It may be entirely un-British to laugh about anyone else’s style choices (we Brits are far too polite for that), but I will say that as a Brit living in Los Angeles for over 12 years, I’ve picked up on certain American sartorial tendencies that I’ve found rather distinct and funny. I recall being taken aback on my first brunch date in Santa Monica where everyone looked like they had just stepped out of the gym (minus the sweat, of course). This is a far cry from the UK, where you’d never meet friends for lunch in yoga pants or sports gear if you aren’t actually planning to do sports. (Full disclosure: 12 years later, I now look likeI go to the gym too.)

While we love expressing our adoration for classic French style here on Who What Wear, it’s the Brits who take more style risks, exude an edgier Read the rest

After launching Barre on its platform earlier this year, Peloton is now offering yet another oft-demanded fitness discipline on its platform: Pilates. Contrary to popular belief that Pilates requires a reformer or other complicated equipment, Peloton is offering a prop-free take on the low-impact workout known for strengthening and toning the body.

“We use our own bodyweight, we focus on incorporating our breath into our movements, holding positions, as well as coordination to make things challenging,” Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell tells FASHION. In addition to Lovewell, the 20-class collection will be taught by instructors Kristin McGee, Aditi Shah, Hannah Corbin and Sam Yo, and features intro, unlevelled, beginner, intermediate and advanced classes ranging from 10 to 45 minutes.

“When I was a professional dancer I would take Pilates classes every week and I loved it,” says Lovewell. “It made me feel longer, and stronger, and even more flexible. I saw … Read the rest

Revivals aren’t always successful, but the recent reboot of Saved by the Bell has been a huge hit. With nostalgic reprisals of the old cast – we’re talking about A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez), Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley), Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), and Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen) – as well as fresh, new faces and socially relevant storylines, what’s not to love? We’re still just as distracted by the outfits as we were when we watched the original TV show, because they’re really quite noteworthy.

The first season starts with a class divide after the merging of kids from Douglas High and Bayside High. The series follows the ups and downs of the Douglas kids trying to fit in with new school programs as well as varying social differences. Staying true to its original ’90s roots, the colorful wardrobes fit in seamlessly with today’s current trends – all the clothes are … Read the rest

Here’s the It list.

Even though we’re big fans of stalking celebrities and identifying the exact skin elixirs they swear by for maintaining a fountain-of-youth glow, we’re also very much aware Hollywood can skew our sense of skin reality. Sure, our favorite members of the A-list are getting older and wiser as the minutes tick by just as we are, but they also have a team of experts at their beck and call and are sent tons of truly amazing products for free.  Of course, there are some outliers (like Drew Barrymore—bless her) who regularly take to Instagram to openly and honestly chat about their favorite beauty finds, but we also love seeking out the advice of women who don’t have access to rejuvenating skin treatments and professional makeup artists. (This is where combing through honest reviews and ratings comes in super handy.) Everyone has different skincare needs and not
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Following in the footsteps of Barack and Michelle Obama, whose production company Higher Ground announced a partnership with Spotify last year, the Sussexes have announced the launch of their own media empire. Archewell Audio, an audio-first production company founded by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, aims to bring “different voices and perspectives” to listeners in an exclusive multi-year podcast partnership with Spotify.

“One of the things my husband and I have always talked about is our passion for meeting people and hearing their stories,” says Meghan in a teaser clip announcing the partnership. “And no matter what their story, they offer you an understanding of where someone else is coming from, and at the same time remind you in some way about a story about yourself.”

“And that’s what this project is all about,” adds Harry.

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From James Dean to ’90s supermodels and even the Kardashian-Jenner clan Christmas card, little defines American-cool quite like a T-shirt and jeans. But that perfect pair of jeans is ever elusive. Gap is one of those brands that knows denim, and you can always count on it for the latest trends, as well as your time-honored go-to cuts. One of those recent trends is wide-legged cropped denim.

Moving from skinny jeans in recent years into straight-legged as my go-to, I was reluctant to try wide-legged denim as a petite person. While I occasionally love a wide-leg pant with platforms to give the legs-for-days effect, I thought cropped denim would cut off one of my best assets and make me look stumpy. So, when I got the opportunity to try them out for you, I was excited. I enlisted my mother, a Gap enthusiast, to help me. “I can … Read the rest

Winter is coming, which means our hands may soon experience more dryness than usual. We know. It’s an unfair phenomenon that the most wonderful time of the year is often marred by the onset of scaly, cracked, irritated skin, especially on our hands. Sometimes, life is harsh, but thankfully, there are remedies that can transform rough claws to soft, smooth ones that will leave your inner circle sending frantic texts requesting that handcare routine.

Based on all the soft-handed queens who comprise team Who What Wear, you might think expansive hand-softening rituals were a prerequisite for employment. (I can assure you they’re not!) That’s why we hit up the team to share their picks for the best hand creams to keep those paws soft and supple all winter.

Ahead, check out the 16 best hand creams for winter our editors personally vouch for and shop through the supplemental … Read the rest

Meghan Markle is now an oat milk latte investor. Today the Duchess of Sussex announced her first public investment in Clevr Blends, an American, women-led startup that makes instant, just-add-water, oat milk lattes filled with adaptogens, superfoods, probiotics and other wellness-y ingredients.

“This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritizes building community alongside her business,” Markle told Fortune in a statement. “I’m proud to invest in [cofounder and CEO] Hannah’s commitment to sourcing ethical ingredients and creating a product that I personally love and [that] has a holistic approach to wellness. I believe in her, and I believe in her company.”

The size of Markle’s investment was not disclosed.

“Entrepreneurs need funding, but they also need advisers who care deeply about what they are building. I’m grateful to have found both in the Duchess of Sussex,” Mendoza told Fortune. “Her passion for what we’re … Read the rest