Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about dressing joyfully, and I’ve been very much on board with this sentiment. After over a year of pretty much being on lockdown and wearing joggers, it’s only natural that we’re gravitating towards bright pops of colors and fun patterns to remerge as social butterflies for dinners, brunches and the bar. But we shouldn’t overlook those basics that continue to make up the staple of our wardrobes—joy can be found under many guises. We know from our own intel at Who What Wear that the pieces that tend to sell the best are basics such as white tees, black dresses and vest tops, arguably the bread and butter of our summer wardrobes. 

I turned to five of my favorite people to follow on IG who are well known for their more pared-back wardrobes. Each one has their own distinct style, but the key … Read the rest

Fancy Face just launched a skincare line


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Fancy Face Inc., one of Canada’s leading hair and makeup services brands, specializing in wedding and special events glam, as well as providing an endless array of other services (like masterclasses, maternity photoshoot makeup and more), has officially entered the skincare game. This week, the brand launched Fancy Skin with two new products: the Daydream Rosewater Cream and the Poetry in Potion Serum. Both products are suitable for all skin types and wear beautifully underneath makeup or on their own. “We wanted to ensure we created luxury products at an affordable price point to continue to champion our mission in both simplifying the beauty routine and helping women find their fancy from the inside out,” says Brittany Gray, founder and  CEO of Fancy Face. The launch of Fancy … Read the rest

First of all, let me speak to the elephant in the room. At age 41, I am still young with healthy skin (thanks to a stringent routine of cleansing, toning, treating, moisturizing, and sunscreening since age 14), and quite honestly, I feel better in my skin than I ever have. But there’s no denying the collagen depletion and bone loss that comes with age. Yes, that’s right! Apparently, bone mass peaks around ages 25–30 years and declines gradually thereafter in both men and women. Yay! 

This is why I started having fillers at around age 37 (you can read my previous articles where I wax lyrical about liquid facials and lip fillers). Now that I’m entering my 40s, I wanted to try something that didn’t just fill the depleted areas but actually helped my own body generate its own collagen over time. Enter: thread lifts. I first heard about Read the rest

Father’s Day is approaching and we have a few (dozen) suggestions on what to gift the dads (and dad-like figures) on your list. The notion that fathers are the hardest people to shop for is sometimes a reality and with that in mind, a roundup of more than 40 items ranging from a North Face tent to a fancy Aarke water carbonation machine surely contains just the gift that says, “Thanks, pops.”

For the more fashion-forward father, trousers from Fear of God or a beaded David Yurman bracelet may do the trick, while Ten Garments Every Man Should Own — a new book by Pedro Mendes, one of Canada’s leading male style experts — will be great for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe game. A homebody will surely appreciate linen slippers from Muji paired with a new set of mugs that have been hand-finished in Portugal. But sometimes the … Read the rest

Interior design has always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until this year—with a lot of time on my hands and a cross-country move in the works—that I became a full-fledged member of the Instagram home décor community. And let me tell you. It’s a wonderful place to be. The social media platform is literally full to the brim of A1 interior inspiration, whether it’s brilliant young artisans sharing snaps of one-of-a-kind pieces they recently produced or interior designers posting scans from decades-old issues of Architectural Digest. It’s truly an endless supply of décor ideas. With that said, when an idea or concept heavily circulates the app, that’s usually an indication that it’s something we’ll see a lot of in the future. With months of stalking home décor accounts under my belt, I definitely have noticed a shift in the types of pieces and styles the design community
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Ellie Kemper is known for the adorable girl-next-door she plays in basically all her roles — most notably as Kimmy in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Erin in The Office. When her name was recently trending on Twitter, some fans thought perhaps it meant they were getting a reboot or spinoff of their fave sitcom. But this is 2021, and nothing can be so simple. The actual reason Kemper was trending was because of an old, resurfaced photo of her as the “Queen of Love and Beauty” at St. Louis’s Veiled Prophet (VP) Ball, an organization known for its racist past and possible ties to the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) group. *Sighs* Here’s what to know about this strange turn of events.

What exactly happened with Ellie Kemper?

It all started on May 31, when someone tweeted about the VP Ball in St. Louis, Missouri, calling it “a … Read the rest

Depop, Gen Z’s favourite clothing resale app, is being acquired by e-commerce site Etsy for $1.6 billion USD. The purchase, which was announced on June 2, is indicative of just how much the secondhand fashion industry has boomed in recent years. Here’s what to know about the purchase and what it means for the fashion resale industry.

What is Depop?

Depop is a U.K.-based clothing resale app that allows users to buy and sell pre-loved clothing through its online marketplace. Founded in 2011, the e-commerce site has become a hotspot for mostly Gen Z consumers who want to find special pieces without breaking the bank. Depop — which has about 30 million registered users — allows shoppers to experiment with their personal styles while accessing secondhand designer clothes at often discounted prices. It is a popular alternative to fast-fashion and luxury fashion, and has experienced a surge in usage over … Read the rest

Skinfluencer Hyram Yarbro is best known for his YouTube and TikTok videos providing honest skincare product reviews for his Gen Z audience (he’s got almost 11.5 million followers across both platforms). He’s built his massive online presence by simplifying the often complex and confusing ingredients found in our (often also complex and confusing) skincare routines. And on any given video, he receives tons of comments from his adoring young fans asking when he’ll be launching a skincare line of his own. Luckily for them, that day is today. Well, okay not today, but Yarbro did just announce his new beauty brand today, and promised more info soon! Colour us intrigued…

Selfless by Hyram was created in collaboration with The Inkey List, the U.K.-based skincare brand founded by Colette Laxton and Mark Curry that’s focused on sharing skincare knowledge and producing affordable products with simple ingredients. Appropriately named Selfless, the … Read the rest

Luna Li is inspired by nature, and is particularly drawn to the moon. “The moon is so powerful, and it has a feminine energy which resonates with me,” she says. “I think the imagery of the light shining through the dark is also just really beautiful.”  Hannah Bussiere, the Korean-Canadian musician behind Luna Li, says she wanted a stage name she could “step into” to take on an unapologetic, confident presence when performing. Bussiere feels grounded when she’s in the presence of the moon (or “luna” in Italian and Spanish) — her dreamy melodies and self-imposed nickname “moon fairy” come from this source of creativity — and so the name Luna Li was born.

In March 2020, after COVID-19 first hit, Bussiere started posting “jam videos” to her social media — clips of her in her bedroom playing different instruments, which she then cuts and layers to create pop melodies. … Read the rest

Happily, this week’s fashion news is bursting with #shoplocal love. House of Harlow 1960, the label founded by Nicole Richie, partnered with Etsy on a collection that features two Toronto-based brands. Plus, Fashion Art Toronto is back — as is the design collaboration between Sasha Exeter and Ela Aldorsson. Read on to find out more…

Toronto jewellery brand Omi Woods is part of Nicole Richie’s exclusive House of Harlow 1960 Etsy Edit

Photographed by Ren Fuller

A limited-edition collection of home décor and accessories co-created by Nicole Richie in collaboration with Etsy sellers hit the web this week; included in the mix are two Toronto-based brands – jewellery line Omi Woods, helmed by Ashley Alexis McFarlane, and Kyung-Soon Chun’s body care and décor label Sooworks. They and the other entrepreneurs involved in the edit designed the items with Richie in order to infuse them with her preferred Cali-chic sensibility.

“I’m … Read the rest