I’ll put it like this: Even my 72-year-old father (who knows nothing about beauty aside from the occasional face mask I make him try) has heard of Glossier. The brand is just that well-known. If pressed, he could even list off a few of the biggest top sellers like Boy Brow (which he adorably calls “Boy Stuff”), Cloud Paint, and Balm Dotcom. Of course, he does have a beauty-obsessed wife and daughter, but when I asked him when and where he first heard of the brand, his reply was a perturbed, “Do you think I live under a rock?” (I suspect his addiction to scrolling through his Google feed, but what do I know?) Anyway, I digress.

Last year, The Cut reported Glossier’s worth at a cashmere-cozy 1.2 billion, and while the brand might be known for its syrupy shimmer and pink packaging aesthetic, it’s basically untouchable where product demand … Read the rest

Bath and Body Works’ Midsummer Dream collection is a must for summer


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Bath and Body Works’ newest fragrance collection, Midsummer Dream, launched earlier this week and it’s the perfect dreamy scent as the weather heats up. A blend of salted pear, fresh nectarine and seaside lily, the lineup is made up of a body mousse, fragrance mist, shower gel and body lotion, housed in gorgeous ombré pastel packaging.

Estée Lauder’s #ShadesofCanada campaign, starring eight amazing athletes, is here

Photography courtesy of Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder Canada has launched an exciting new campaign for its iconic and best-selling foundation, Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup. Introducing Shades of Canada, a just-launched campaign starring eight talented athletes from across Canada. The athletes starring in the campaign are champion ice hockey player, Natalie Spooner; track and field and bobsleigh … Read the rest

As someone who doesn’t spend that much time wearing swimsuits, I prefer to spend more on fashion items I’m going to get a lot of use out of and less on swimsuits. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want a few new ones each summer. For this reason, I’ve become an expert at finding chic affordable bikinis and one-pieces, and I know that I’ll always find them at the nine brands below.

In case you’re wondering, I have a few criteria for what makes a good swimsuit brand. I really like it when a brand has a wide variety of styles. I prefer swimwear with a little more coverage, but I know that’s not the case for everyone, so plenty of options are key. I also love swimsuits that have special details that make them look ultra-expensive—like a belt or ruching—and perhaps most importantly, an under-$200 price point is key. … Read the rest

If you’re looking to up your accessory game (applicable to both video call moments AND emerging into the wider world one day), New York-based jewellery brand EdoEyen offers pieces that are both significant and spectacular. Founders and sisters Edo and Eyen Chorm launched the label late last year, inspired by their Khmer roots and the legacy of finery within Cambodian culture.

“Not a lot of people know about it,” Edo notes of the Angkorian civilization; the mythology of this ancient Buddhist/Hindu society, found in the region now known as Cambodia, mesmerized the duo as children. Edo was born in Cambodia and her sister was born in Thailand; their family had fled Cambodia in the wake of the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge, living in Thailand and the Philippines prior to traveling to America “seeking a better life,” says Edo. “We were literally rolling stones, as it was part of … Read the rest

Over here in sunny Los Angeles, it feels like summer may never end, which, for the record, I’m not the least bit mad about. Since I anticipate months more of beach days, I’m still shopping for some new bikinis to add to my rotation. But not just any bikinis—I’m looking for ones that best suit my smaller-sized chest.

While my cup size may fluctuate throughout the month (anyone else?), I’m usually a solid 34B. There are certain styles I’ve found that really don’t look the best on my smaller chest, like straight-across bandeau tops and high-neck swimsuits. I strongly stand by the statement “every body is a bikini body,” however, I personally feel most confident in a swimsuit when the fabric isn’t swallowing up my top half. There are six styles, in particular, I find best highlight my smaller boobs. Shop them, ranked from the most revealing styles to least, … Read the rest

Before she was cast as legendary Broadway star Liza Minnelli in the Netflix limited series, Halston, actor Krysta Rodriguez was familiar with fashion designer Roy Halston’s persona, but that was the extent of it. “I didn’t know the whole story of Halston’s journey and legacy, and what led to his anonymity as we see him nowadays,” she says. Rodriguez knew that Halston — portrayed by Scottish actor Ewan McGregor — and Minnelli were from the same era but she had no idea of their close-knit friendship and the common threads that held them together. “I didn’t realize how deeply enmeshed they were in each other’s lives and careers, and in actually creating each other as American icons.”

For her own part, Rodriguez was already well-versed in all things Minnelli by the time she landed the role. The actor has an off-Broadway background and Minnelli has long been lauded in … Read the rest

In an ideal world, I’d have complimentary unlimited metro swipes, a lifetime supply of Sweetgreen, and a closet full of The Row. By now, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label has transcended the ranks of celebrity fashion brands, becoming a bonafide player in the industry. When it comes to quiet elegance and understated luxury, quite frankly, no one does it better. My steadfast love for The Row is pretty obvious, so of course, when Kendall Jenner landed in New York City a few weeks ago wearing a look from its latest Spring-Summer collection, her entire outfit lived in my brain rent-free. It was quite a deviation from Jenner’s usual trendy, Instagram-girl aesthetic, and as my fellow editor pointed out the model stuck to a strict trouser-only dress code. As it turns out it this wasn’t the first time Jenner decided to go the minimalist route and dabble into The Row:
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Canada’s oldest retailer is set to launch the Hudson’s Bay Fashion Fund, an annual grant of $25,000 paired with a three-year mentorship program, aimed at fostering emerging BIPOC Canadian designers.

The award was announced at tonight’s Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards by Canadian designer and Brother Vellies founder Aurora James, who started the 15 Percent Pledge, a commitment to stock at least 15 percent BIPOC-owned and designed brands that Hudson’s Bay signed onto just last week.

And while the timing is fortuitous — in early May, the $25,000 Suzanne Rogers Designer Grant was “deferred” following social posts the socialite and fashion patron posted with former President Donald Trump, a blow to an industry with already limited grants and financial support for designers — Hudson’s Bay says this fund has been in the works since at least last summer.

“George Floyd’s death was a galvanizing moment for many,” says Tyler Franch, … Read the rest

When I turned 13 (and finally started to go through puberty), all I wanted was to start wearing a bra. By the time I was 14, all I wanted was to stop wearing a bra. I had quickly learned what most of us already know—that bras are typically uncomfortable, rigid, and cut into your under-boob area. The most relieving part of my day was when I finally got home and could peel off my bra. So I soon decided to stop wearing bras altogether.

That brought challenges, however, as I wasn’t yet entirely comfortable with the idea of going braless. So I decided to dip my toes in the water by rotating through several bra alternatives—all of which were certainly more comfortable than my go-to underwire bra. If you, too, want to forgo bras without totally abandoning the support and shape they offer, keep scrolling to find some excellent … Read the rest

Ariana Grande is a married woman! Fans were shocked on May 17 when TMZ reported that she and Los Angeles-based real estate agent Dalton Gomez wed in a small ceremony over the weekend. Since Grande and Gomez began dating in January 2020, their love story has unfolded almost exclusively during quarantine and has therefore been decidedly more private than her previous relationships. In contrast to her 2018 engagement to actor Pete Davidson, the milestones of her and Gomez’s romance has not been publicly announced or shared on social media. The singer’s decision to keep this relationship private is totally her choice, and it’s pretty badass to pull off an entire wedding without the public finding out.

Despite Grande’s less-is-more attitude when it comes to sharing her current relationship with her fans, there are some key details we have to get you up to speed on the newlyweds’ journey. Here’s a … Read the rest