The older we get the more we’re concerned about our appearance. On the 30’s, the French designer, Coco Chanel reinvented women’s fashion by adding an original piece to their wardrobe, one that was only used by men back in the day: pants. It had been debated whether the game between Orlando Pirates and Highlanders Park be staged as part of the celebrations and as the occasion at which the stadium was to be officially opened and handed over to the nation. The prime mover behind the idea was Prince Mfanfili Dlamini, a staunch supporter of the Buccaneers. When approached the two clubs officially were fascinated and the interest of the fans of this game in southern Africa was captured. There was no known objection to the proposal from the football-inclined section of white society. The white English Press was as impressive as the black Press. “No matter where you live … Read the rest

Just imagine working in an industry that doesn’t accept you. That’s how former fashion editor and curve model Lauren Chan felt for nearly a decade. “I showed up to work everywhere from the Glamour offices to the set of the Today Show and fashion weeks around the world, and my smaller peers wore designer clothing, while I was relegated to cheap fast-fashion,” she says. Recognizing fashion’s size inclusivity problem and doing something about it was long overdue. Chan, who identifies as plus-size herself, blazed her own trail by walking the runway for Chromat – in a swimsuit, no less – and accepting the horrific online vitriol that followed with grace and humility. (She’s since modeled, sans clapback, for luxury e-tailer 11 Honoré.) For her latest endeavor, Chan made the move from strutting and editing to full-fledged designing. Her new brand, called Henning (a play on the word “hen” that’s meant … Read the rest

What is photography for you? A sort of research, a path of discovery, of trying to find an order to things?
Mario Sorrenti: Photography is my life. I started taking pictures when I was 18 years old. I found a passion for the medium that has become the way I express myself, and the way I discover the world. But most of all it’s the way I discover who I am. 
Gray Sorrenti: It’s all of those things. Growing up I was scattered and wild as a little kid should be. When I began to take pictures I found a sense of order in my life that I had never felt before. A quietness. The discipline and beauty it has brought to my life is something I will always be grateful for. Photography is my form of research and also my way of expressing myself. It’s what educates

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Lingerie shopping can be so personal. I know for me, it takes a lot for a new bra to impress since I’ve tried way too many uncomfortable or unsupportive options. Recently, I found a bra that was so comfortable it totally changed the way I thought of my whole collection. But when I was talking to my friends, I realized that everyone shops for lingerie with such different ideas in mind. For instance, my smaller-chested friends are always showing off their adorably dainty bralettes, while my larger-chested friends wouldn’t dare to invest in a bra without a supportive underwire.

To make the whole lingerie shopping experience much easier, it all comes down to knowing what you’re looking for in your undergarments, which is why I’m breaking down the best places to buy different types of lingerie. From the site with the best lace pieces to where to … Read the rest

Former U.S. First Lady Melania Trump flaunted her black crocodile bag from her Birkin collection as she departed The White House on Wednesday. Her entirely black look, from all European designers, isn’t the first we’ve seen to be paired with the famous bag selection.  Known for her many appearances with the iconic Hermès handbags, we’ve counted at least six of the style in her collection that amount to a value of over $200,000.

One of her famous bags was front and centre in a particularly cringeworthy moment from this past August, when Melania clutched her tan Birkin while avoiding the former president’s hand as they exited Air Force One. Celebs like Rihanna took to social media to comment and post the viral video. 

While we can all agree that we love a classic Birkin, here’s hoping for a future of spotting them on, well, anyone else.

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It is rare to meet people who will tell you that they do not care about their good looks. The most common types of material used in making a surfer necklace are hemp, leather, and waxed cord. While hemp is the most popular and very durable it is not the most comfortable to wear, especially at first. The good news is hemp is relatively cheap a looks great. Leather on the other hand is also commonly used, but does not usually give that natural appeal that other materials such as hemp and waxed cord give. Waxed cord is one of the best types of necklaces to choose for a surf necklace because not only does it look very similar to hemp, but is very comfortable and will not hurt your neck like hemp might until it gets broke in. Most of the cords are made from high quality material, and … Read the rest

Lavish accessories abound in each and every episode of Bridgerton, from diamond-embellished tiaras and décolletage-covering necklaces to grandiose hairstyles that qualify as stand-alone accessories in their own right. Among the Netflix show’s glitz and glamour, a decidedly less-flashy adornment has captured our affections, and that, your grace, is Simon Basset’s brooch. You may not have noticed, but the dapper Duke of Hastings is rarely seen around London without the same enamel pin fastened to the lapel of his coat or vest. The oval piece prominently features a green gemstone in the center that appears to be emerald, surrounded by intricate gold and silver detailing.

The jeweled accessory is never overtly mentioned during the course of Bridgerton‘s steamy first season, and many viewers (us included!) were hardly aware of its presence because, well, we were frankly too caught up in Simon’s captivating eyes and swoon-worthy grin. As … Read the rest

The Eyes is an annual bilingual photographic magazine that aims to accompany and question the cultural and societal phenomena that shake up society.

For this issue, the artist researcher SMITH and the performer Nadège Piton have been offered carte blanche to explore a current and complicated subject: the notion of gender and the stereotypes associated with it.

Through historical and contemporary portfolios, SMITH & Piton invite us to a transgalactic journey, outlining a subjective panorama on the place played by photography in the construction of gender identities.

The duo imagines its own celestial map – a “Transgalaxy” – to present the portfolios of artists who have marked their journey into the theme. Each of these systems hosts several artist-stars: from icons such as Peter Hujar, Nan Goldin, Christer Stromhölm and David LaChapelle, to pioneers who consciously made use of photography to invent in images the singular expression of their

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Full disclosure: My mom and I rarely agree when it comes to fashion. She’s not nearly as interested as I am, so when a polarizing trend comes along she rarely jumps on board. We had more than our fair share of fights in my younger years (mostly because in high school I wanted to wear the lowest-rise jeans possible, which she was not wrong in saying no to), but now that I’ve grown up and my style has evolved we’re past that. However, she doesn’t always love a new trend I may be inclined to test out. 

Her current style is laidback and comfortable, though I have raided her closet for pieces left over from the ’70s and ’80s and have scored some seriously cool finds, so she has an appreciation for certain trends even if she no longer wears them herself. Since I’ve been trying to be more mindful Read the rest

Feeling stir-crazy during the winter months may be par for the course, but lockdown is definitely adding another layer to the listlessness, right? We suggest getting creative, getting outdoors, and getting active to combat the winter blues. From content creator Omar Ahmed’s hyper-local look to Melissa Grelo giving Canadian activewear a spin, here’s some style inspo to get you motivated.

Omar Ahmed in Frank and Oak, RW&Co. & Expo


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Keeping it casual for a winter walk, Omar Ahmed’s monochromatic moment comprised pieces from Frank and Oak, RW&Co. and Toronto vintage clothing shop, Expo– showing us exactly what it means to have natural style.

Melissa Grelo in The Quarterly


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Hey, take it easy! That’s what TV host and ethical kid’s wear … Read the rest