Beauty skin care products need not be expensive. This happens when a person or group must adopt the practices of another culture, such as adopting the dominant group’s language, religious traditions, lifestyle, skin tone , etc. At some point, the ex-colonized internalize these myths and feel ashamed. In essence, the challenging task of reappropriating their culture and history could not be achieved through the language that negated their reality and attempted to eradicate their own means of communication (Freire). Some people understand that culture is the appreciation of classical music, dance, paintings, good manners, fine food and wine. Others think stately buildings and language are a product of culture. Researchers found that culture evolves through socialization. Culture is a tangible facet of human groups. Researchers found that learned human behaviour along-with shared: values, beliefs, knowledge, art, law, morals and customs nurtures culture. Culture is a human tool for survival and … Read the rest